About us

About us

Since 1976 Sitta Srl in San Giovanni al Natisone, in the heart of Eastern Friuli, has been producing wood chips, sawdust, wood flour, briquettes and pellets derived from the recovery of debarked and dried virgin wood particles produced as a bi-product of local furniture manufacture.

It all started with a simple idea, developed and improved over the years through targeted studies, experience and a good dose of foresight: the recovery of a valuable raw material that was regarded as an expensive waste to eliminate.

The founding members of Sitta created value to these waste goods, by selecting them and initially turning them into quality bedding for horses and cattle. Over the years, production has evolved to reach more refined products such as pellets and briquettes for pizzerias and bakeries.

Eco-Innovative Wellness

All Sitta products are characterised by the use responsible for raw materials - beech and pine - resulting from recovery of dried virgin wood sources.  All Sitta products are sustainable because the raw material comes as a bi-product of sustainable wood product manufacture.

Sitta wants to be the reference point for the development of innovative products through ongoing product development and research, and thereby increasing the degree of well-being of users in a sustainable way.

The innovation of Sitta is written in the history of its products, among the first to produce pellets and the first to take to market innovative products such as the wood briquettes for cooking pizza in the oven.

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