Low carbon cooking

Cooking with wood is not only following a tradition going back centuries, but wood is a low carbon, sustainable and renewable resource. Significant CO2 reductions are possible against other fossil-fuel derived heating such as gas and electricity.

Low carbon cooking

The change in our climate due to our net increase of CO2 in our atmosphere is cited by many scientists, academics and industry leaders as the greatest challenge of the 21st Century.

The pervasiveness of fossil fuels, and their relative inexpense has put profit before planet.

Cooking with wood is a low carbon, renewable and sustainable way of cooking, building on centuries of tradition.

Our briquettes are manufactured from renewable and independently certified sustainable sources: yes wood is a renewable energy source!  Using wood, compared to fossil fuels, such as gas, has a HUGE reduction in CO2.

Not only do you get a fantastically tasty pizza, with the usual assurances from Sitta's food-grade fuel, but you can make a significant reduction in your carbon footprint too.

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