HACCP compliance - what's all that about?

HACCP compliance - what's all that about?

In designing the 'O Sole Mio range of fuels for cooking, Sitta started with the basic rules of health and hygeine.  In 2004 these were detailed in law under


of 29 April 2004

on the hygiene of foodstuffs

In the UK and Ireland, the recognised process by which we identify compliance with this regulation is using HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points).  This is a systematic methodology to ensure levels of food health and hygience and compliance with the European regulation.

Who is affected?  In simple terms, anyone who sells food.  This means all supermarkets, restaurants, outdoor caterers etc.

It is the responsibility for all food outlets to undertake a comprehensive assessment to identify potential risks to health and hygiene, and implement control measures to mitigate those risks.  So, you have done the risk assesment on your suppliers of food; your meat, your cheese, your salad etc.  But what about the wood you are bringing into a food environment?  Is the product free from bacteria, mould or contaminants? Is it appropriately boxed?  Has it been appropriately wrapped in transit to avoid cross contamination?  Where has it been stored since manufacture?  As an operator of an outlet selling food, you are responsible for identifying and controlling all areas of possible risk which could affect food hygiene.

As Sitta is an Italian product, and wood fired cooking is a way of life, many years ago Sitta decided to invest in the technology to ensure total compliance with the legislation to supply the Italian market.  This meant starting with testing of all the raw materials, and operating the factory in such a manner to ensure a food-grade quality product.  We continue this level of scrutiny throughout the storage and distribution process too.  This attention to the detail of the legislation has produced a range of products which are 100% compliant and certified compliant with all food safety legislation.

The good news is that whether you are commercial operator, or just cooking at home for friends and family, you can be sure that using 'O Sole Mio fuels will give you peace of mind that you are fully compliant with legislation, and will not harm you, your customers and your friends.


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