New hyper-compressed briquette from SITTA

il Fioretto joins the Il Faggetto brand of wood fuel products for cooking. A new hypercompressed briquette designed for high levels of radiant heat.

New hyper-compressed briquette from SITTA

Sitta have developed a revolutionary new family of products using new technology to produce a hyper compressed briquette. The briquette achieves levels of density not previously seen in a wood briquette, by using a tightly selected particle size and a uniquely developed process and geometry.

The first product to be launched is Il Fioretto, an ultra compact briquette for Wood fired pizza ovens and commercial charcoal grills. The second being Fior di brace, a wood alternative to charcoal aimed at use in domestic BBQ's.  Both are manufactured from 100% pure beech wood.

The result is a briquette which has properties more akin to charcoal in providing long lasting embers and consistent radiant heat over a long period of time.

SITTA have been seeking to produce a charcoal alternative for a number of years.  It was a significant technical challenge to get the correct recipe to change the combustion characteristics, of what is a pure wood product.  The production of charcoal often has a negative impact on the environment as well as encouraging illegal and unsustainable production particularly in emerging economies.

Il Fioretto is designed for use in pizza ovens and charcoal grills and compliments the existing range of wood fuel products. The product offers some significant advantages to using charcoal on a grill in being able to give the traditional smell of wood at a lower price point than food grade charcoal, but without the mess associated with charcoal.

These new products give chefs the ability to use a pure wood fuel without the problem of excessive flames charring the outside of the food before it is cooked in the centre, a problem with traditional wood logs.

Being manufactured from sustainable sources in the EU, they offer a highly ecological alternative to charcoal. As with all Sitta products, they come with chemical and bacteriological certification, the testing being an inherent part of the manufacturing process.

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