Endorsement by Graziano Bertuzzo

A recent trip to Italy to see Graziano Bertuzzo with a Marana Forni oven

Endorsement by Graziano Bertuzzo

Graziano Bertuzzo explains about the oven

We were recently pleased to meet with Graziano Bertuzzo at the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli where Graziano was teaching a new group of Pizzaioli how to use a wood fired oven.  At the school in Caorle, not far from Venice, they use a rotaing Marana oven with dual fireboxes, one to the side and another heating the stone from below.

Marana Forni rotating oven

Graziano is a legend in the world of pizza in Italy, and a true endorsement of the development work done by Sitta is that they use il faggetto 'O Sole Mio briquettes at the school.



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