World class consistent and long lasting burn

World class consistent and long lasting burn

Why is it that SITTA products burn so consistently and for so long compared to other briquettes?

SITTA is one of the leading experts worldwide in briquetting technology and wood combustion.  Over 20 years, SITTA has developed processes for pelleting and briquetting that are unique.  The starting point is the selection of the granulated raw material.  SITTA separates out all of the dust and the shavings to leave a highly uniform particle size as the starting point.  The selection process and blending of specific particle sizes allows the combustion characteristics to be changed.

SITTA chooses to use only 100% Beech in all its cooking products.  Beech has long been associated with cooking, with its unique soft aroma which is often preferred for smoking products such as meat, fish and cheese.

Beech has a unique structure, making it suitable for applications such as fine tables and chairs.  It is a dense, hard wood which is difficult to briquette and pelletise successfully without specific expertise and a unique process.

The shape and specific size also contributes to both the combustion characteristics, and preventing it from rolling around in the oven.

The aim is not to produce a briquette that produces a massive burst of heat in the first few minutes, but to provide a constant heat output over a long period of time.  The briquetting processs is also very closely controlled to ensure a consistent product, because the density and particle size distribution both contribute to combustion characteristics.  This has taken SITTA over 10 years to perfect, and is no easy achievement.

Just compressing sawdust together may form a briquette, but the key to real usability and value as a fuel for cooking is so much more.

SITTA products provide exceptional value for money, because the unique combustion characteristics mean they burn cleaner, longer and more consistently.


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